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International Business Banking

What is International Business Banking? Explore with Bankz

In the era of globalization, businesses are expanding their horizons and tapping into markets across continents. Currency differences, however, often pose challenges. Enter Bankz, a platform where companies can effortlessly create multiple accounts across various currencies. With integrated SEPA and IBAN features, Bankz ensures you can send and receive funds wherever your business takes you. But that’s not all. For the unconventional, high-risk businesses riding the digital currency wave, Bankz paves the way with specialized online business bank accounts. This, combined with Business Debit Visa cards and the ability to manage multi-currency transactions in a single platform, makes Bankz a frontrunner in international business banking.

Why Bankz Stands Out in the Business Banking World

With countless options for business bank accounts available in the market, what sets Bankz apart? 

Multiple Currency Accounts

For businesses venturing into international territories, managing multiple currencies is a must. Bankz provides the typical online business bank account and allows you to apply for funds in different currencies, facilitating seamless global transactions.

SEPA & IBAN Integration

With SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) and IBAN (International Bank Account Number), Bankz ensures seamless transactions within European countries and beyond. Whether you’re in the UK, looking for the best online business bank account UK offers, or eyeing a European bank account for broader dealings, Bankz has got you covered.

Empowering Non-conventional Businesses

Many traditional banking platforms hesitate in an age dominated by digital currencies and high-risk online ventures. But Bankz recognizes and empowers. It’s genuinely a bank of the modern era by offering specialized accounts for these businesses.

One Platform, Multiple Features

Beyond just being an online business banking account, Bankz revolutionizes how businesses handle their finances.

Business Debit Visa Cards

Want the best credit card for business dealings? Bankz offers a Visa business credit card, combining the trust of Visa with the efficiency of Bankz.

Multi-currency Transactions

No need to juggle between accounts or platforms. Whether you’re dealing in euros, pounds, or dollars, manage all transactions effortlessly in one place.

Diverse Credit Card Options

From a prepaid business credit card for controlled expenses to an international credit card for global dealings and even the ability to issue credit cards online, Bankz offers many options tailored to your needs.

A Banking Solution for Everyone

Whether you’re a UK-based company looking to open a business bank account online UK-specific or a global enterprise seeking a bank account for international business, Bankz offers solutions tailored to all. With a quick business bank account set-up process and even options like a virtual business credit card, it caters to the digital age demands efficiently.

The process is straightforward for businesses needing help figuring out where to start

Apply for a Business Bank Account

Use the online platform to apply for a business bank account. Whether you’re based in the EU and looking for an EU bank account or a UK bank account, the platform offers easy-to-open business bank account options that save time and effort.

Manage and Monitor

Once set up, businesses can monitor their transactions, use their Visa business credit card, and even explore options like CAAS (Cards as a Service) for tailored solutions.

Expand as Needed

As your business grows, expand with Bankz. From setting up additional accounts to exploring the realm of virtual business credit cards, the platform scales with you.


Banking shouldn’t be the bottleneck in an age where businesses are transcending boundaries. Platforms like Bankz, with their forward-thinking solutions, are redefining how companies perceive banking. Whether it’s a simple need to open an online business bank account or a more complex requirement like handling high-risk digital currency ventures, Bankz stands tall, offering solutions that today’s businesses need and rightfully deserve. Join the revolution and redefine your business’s banking experience with Bankz.

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