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Matching our Clients’ business requirements and risk appetites, we deliver solutions at competitive prices, with specialist service levels.

Business Bank accounts, virtual IBAN, and debit cards for international companies.

Bankz provides a valuable service to registered Corporate Entities that need business bank accounts.

Bankz promises to provide a speedy pre-authorisation response for account opening, shortly after we receive your application pack.

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Bankz services designed to meet your needs 

Business Bank Accounts

Our highly trained team works with different financial organisations, that offer business bank accounts for low, medium or high-risk industries.


  • Multi-currency v-IBAN accounts with access to 39 currencies
  • Providing pay-outs via SEPA (€), Faster Payments (£) and SWIFT gateway
Business Visa Debit Cards (€) Physical | Virtual

Bankz virtual & physical cards allow payment management, offers your business control, visibility and oversight of the company’s spending patterns.


  • Universal Visa business debit cards (€) for instant cashless payments.
  • Contactless for POS terminals, online and ATM withdrawal with 3D Secure, Chip & Pin and Magstripe.
  • Transact in non-Euro currencies (FX rates apply).
  • Corporate named virtual IBAN (EUR) used as a direct funding account.
Credit Card Processing

Accept all payment options, all over the world, safely, never missing another sale.


  • Your customers can pay with their credit card, alternative payments methods, wire transfer and even crypto currency, all in one checkout page.
  • Seamlessly connects to your CRM and invoicing system.
  • Convenient, customized online reporting system helps you keep tabs on everything needed to track your business activity.

Our Services at

At **Bankz**, we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions that match your business’s unique requirements and risk appetite. Our forte lies in serving registered Corporate Entities by facilitating easy-to-open business bank accounts that resonate with international standards.

1. Business Bank Account Services:

Choose the best online business bank account in the UK and Europe. Our multi-currency v-IBAN accounts, dedicated to supporting transactions in up to 39 global currencies, streamline your financial processes. With the option to transact through SEPA for faster Payments and a SWIFT gateway, we ensure your operations are seamless.

2. Business Visa Debit Cards (€):

Bankz’s CaaS (Card as a Service) provides universal Visa business debit cards, available as physical VISA debit cards and virtual VISA debit cards designed to offer unmatched control over your company’s expenditures. These cards, equipped with 3D Secure, Chip & Pin, and Magstripe, cater to instant cashless payments, POS terminal transactions, and ATM withdrawals.

3. Credit Card Processing:

Never miss a sale again! Our state-of-the-art credit card processing system lets your customers pay via various means – from traditional credit cards and wire transfers to alternative payment methods like cryptocurrency. Additionally, with our seamlessly integrated CRM, online reporting system, and invoicing solution, you can effortlessly keep tabs on your business activities.

Trust Bankz to be your ultimate partner for a dedicated IBAN, virtual IBAN, and online visa bank account in Europe. Apply today and experience premium banking for your business.

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