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How It Works

Bankz simplifies the application process for new foreign business bank accounts. In a seamless hassle-free process.

1. Complete the pre-approval form

Bankz distills the entire application process into an online form that you complete on our website. If we spot any errors or red flags that may hinder your application, we’ll guide corrective action.

2. We contact banks on your behalf

Bankz will approach our network of banks, finding one that best suits your business needs. We apply to open an account on your behalf. We leverage our relationships and expertise to source the best rates and banks for our client’s business. 

3. Approval

Bankz frequently acquires approvals in less than a week. We handle the administrative tasks of following up with the bank and ensure that you receive and complete the required paperwork. Our team offers assistance and follow-up support during the entire process. 

4. Ongoing Support

At Bankz, we are committed to providing exceptional ongoing support for our clients. Our payments specialists ensure that our clients receive prompt assistance, timely solutions, and valuable insights, reinforcing our commitment to their success in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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