Unlimited Corporate Cards

Bankz virtual & physical cards allow payment management, offers your business control, visibility and oversight of the company’s spending patterns

Bankz is an authorised provider* of Visa Europe Business Debit Cards

Virtual IBAN (vIBAN)

Our Customers get a Corporate named vIBAN (EUR) as direct funding account

Visa Business Debit

Corporate Visa Debit cards are accepted globally in over 200 countries worldwide

Multi Currency

Card transactions are supported to transact in non-Euro currencies (FX rates apply)

* Bankz is authorised to issue EUR Visa Business Debit cards to EEA registered legal entities


Business cards are contactless enabled, have Chip & Pin technology and Magstripe for use with POS or e-commerce sites


Wherever you are travelling to, your Bankz Business card can access Visa friendly ATM for cash services


Pay with the cards wherever you are. Bankz Business Visa cards are accepted everywhere via VISA’s payment network


Debit cards have 3D Secure as standard, for all online transactions. Reset 3D Secure password in the User Dashboard

Card Programme Attributes

Instant Virtual Card Issuance

Issue instantly activated Virtual cards

Google | Samsung | Garmin Pay enabled

Dedicated Corporate EUR virtual IBAN

Manage cards online, instantly freeze | unfreeze online

Request unlimited virtual cards aligned to EUR IBAN account

Create Physical Card Orders

Order personalised Physical cards

Delivery in a few business days direct to Cardholders

Contactless card payments & Chip & PIN / EMV / Magstripe

Withdraw money (at 20m+ ATMs worldwide) in 180+ countries

Embracing Bankz branded physical and virtual card programmes will transform your business proposition

A client solution for Business Visa Debit Cards as a Service (CaaS) with a low onboarding cost and instant services.

BANKZ Visa Business Debit cards provide

Multiple internal Accounts model

Management of employees expenses

Apportioned divisional corporate spending

Direct company named funding vIBAN (EUR) for loading company funds

Monitor employee card transactions, in one place, benefit from real-time Expense controls

Clients separate Account funds, set transactions limits & implement usage rules to reduce risk

View card balance; allocate funds; freeze/block and close cards; request PIN, reset 3D Secure password, download Statements and Transactions

Manage payments throughout your company with budgeting controls and automation, freeing up hours of employee time and gaining efficiencies from your corporate spending

After Clients have onboarded and passed KYB validation, Bankz will allocate part of the Merchant Setup Fee to their dedicated funding IBAN as a credit, so Merchant can create virtual cards to transact immediately

BANKZ Price List

Card Issuing & Activation Fees

Physical Card

Virtual Card

€ 14.75 € 2.75

Card Management

Monthly A/c Fee [per active card]

€ 4.75

Card Delivery

Physical card standard [mail/postage + Welcome Letter + Envelope]

Physical card express [DHL / DPD + Welcome Letter + Envelope]

€ 5.00
€ 35.00


PIN code change request

€ 0.20 € 0.50

ATM Fees

ATM Withdrawal

ATM cash withdrawal [Domestic Euro area: includes UK-GBP]

ATM cash withdrawal [International not within EEA countries]

ATM balance inquiry

€ 3.00 0.000% 3.250% € 0.50

Payment Fees

Transaction Fee [charged per card authorisation]

€ 0.23

Additional Charges

Foreign Exchange [not Euro/GBP currencies]                              

Load / Top Up Fee [deducted from Top Up Amount]

3.000% 1.500%

A low setup fee applicable after all KYB AML checks and Compliance approval is received

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