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Bankz - Simplify your finances with an all-in-one payment solution hub

Bankz is here to revolutionize how you handle your business finances. Our solutions enable you to manage online business banking seamlessly. 

Our Business IBAN Accounts offer multi-currency support and seamless transactions, our Universal Visa Business Debit Cards enable global, cashless payments, and our Credit Card Processing integrates diverse payment methods with your systems. 

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Bankz Revolutionary banking network enables you to manage your financial solutions in the best way.

Welcome to, connecting you to the one-stop platform that offers seamless financial solutions for today’s businesses. Born out of a shared passion by a team of finance professionals with a rich heritage in the banking sector, Bankz has become a beacon of hope for businesses, especially those venturing into the vibrant realm of digital currency trends.

We know firsthand the challenge – applying for a business bank account can be cumbersome, especially for unconventional, high-risk ventures. We’ve tailored our services to bridge the gap between these businesses and European banks. With Bankz, you’re not just applying for a business bank account, you’re opening doors to the best online business bank account in the UK and across Europe.

Introducing a simplified pre-approval process has redefined how businesses apply for business bank accounts. The result? An astounding 99.9% approval ratio for our clients in 2021. Although we cannot guarantee approvals, our unparalleled network in banking and wealth of experience allows us to offer the highest approval rates. Our platform is specially designed to cater to both local and international business ventures, making us the prime choice for an online business bank account.

Whether you need a business visa card, a virtual visa card in Europe, or the best credit card for business, Bankz has got you covered. The revolutionary platform is for managing your IBAN business bank accounts and offers virtual IBAN, dedicated IBAN, and prepaid business credit cards. Your financial world becomes unified under Bankz, allowing you to easily manage multiple accounts, perform multi-currency transactions, and even issue credit cards online.

Beyond our innovative solutions, our commitment to supporting you throughout your financial journey truly sets us apart. From offering insights into the best EMI options to providing ongoing consultation, we ensure your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Join us and experience a world where EU bank accounts, virtual business credit cards, and online credit cards converge for your convenience. Welcome to the future of business banking. Welcome to

Our Team

Rotem Zacary

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

As a co-founder and managing partner at various financial firms, Rotem Zacary has always been at the forefront of financial innovation. His journey through roles in finance management and as a CFO has endowed him with an acute understanding of the financial sector’s intricacies. Rotem’s expertise lies in his ability to envision and execute strategic financial plans, ensuring the Bankz platform remains agile and ahead of the curve.

Avishai Fadlun

Founder & CEO

Avishai Fadlun is the driving force behind our platform. His journey from a sales manager in the financial sector to leading Bankz showcases his deep understanding of client needs and market trends. Avishai’s leadership is characterized by a commitment to providing seamless banking experiences, evident in the platform’s intuitive design and user-centric features.

Israel Waks

VP of Sales

Israel Waks, our “client champion,” embodies the ethos of client-first banking. His extensive background in digital banking and payment solutions, including roles in sales and customer success, gives him a unique perspective on client needs. Israel’s mission is to offer flexible, innovative solutions to our clients, ensuring Bankz not only meets but exceeds their expectations in the dynamic world of business finance.

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