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Bankz Revolutionary Banking Network Enables You To Manage Your online bank account and Financial Solutions In The Best Way. Apply for an online business bank account today.

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BANKZ, Revolutionary Banking Solution ​

A team of dedicated finance professionals founded Bankz, having run many successful financial businesses and years of building close personal relationships with banks across Europe.

The people behind Bankz have experienced first-hand the frustration of applying for business bank accounts, especially for the many non-conventional, high-risk businesses that have emerged thanks to current digital currency trends.

Bankz seeks to improve a business’s approval odds by facilitating the entire process, making it as simple as possible for the client. Apply for an online business bank account now by completing a simple pre-approval form online, Bankz can have you up and running with the best possible bank for your business in a matter of days.

Our Services

Bankz enables you to manage your online business bank accounts, Business VISA cards and all your financial services effectively.

When you open an online business bank account, Bankz will support you every step of the way — even once you have submitted your application. Our payment experts can provide advice and suggestions as you go through the application process.

With our extensive experience, relationships with leading international and european banks, we achieved a 99.9% approval ratio for clients using our services to set up a business bank account in 2021. While approvals are not guaranteed, we dramatically improve your businesses approval chances through our expert advice and guidance.

Enjoy European bank accounts with SEPA and IBAN so that you can send and receive funding whereever you are. Multiple IBAN accounts with VISA business cards across multiple currencies.

"Bankz with its CAAS (Card As A Service) solution provides full control of physical and virtual VISA cards for your business. Issue and manage prepaid VISA debit cards for your workers, affiliates, online spending and marketing campaigns from one dashboard. "

The Best Business Banking Solution in Europe

Bankz revolutionary banking solution provides you with end-to-end financial solutions:

  • Dedicated multi-currency account
  • Visa Business card program
  • 24/7 FX solutions
  • Worldwide transactions
  • SWIFT, SEPA, local GBP payments (sort code) – all in one platform
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Revolutionize your business
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Bankz Banking Network platform provides you with the best possible experience in managing your online business bank accounts and business VISA cards in one place.

Bankz gives you access to the best EMI for your online business bank account with dedicated IBAN and business VISA cards

With dedicated IBAN accounts, make SEPA and SWIFT payments easily.
Issue physical VISA cards for your business bank account. With CAAS, you can manage and issue Virtual VISA cards instantly.

Managing your business revenues, payrolls and transactions has never been easier.

Open business bank account today!

Pay with SWIFT, SEPA & local GBP

Get an IBAN Account for your Business

Use dedicated IBANs to send and receive payments from your customers, business partners, settle expenses, and more.

Manage your cross-border cash flows for different currencies and enjoy competitive currency exchange rates. Built to meet your exact needs, our unique platform puts you in control of your finances 24/7.

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